Beckhoff world-renowned fieldbus

Beckhoff Fieldbus and Embedded PC

Beckhoff Fieldbus and Embedded PC represent a new trend of more modular and flexible PLC control. Previously, a big wardrobe size Industrial PC had to be installed near a machine to implement a PLC system. When only simple I/O is required, no extension is needed. When the implementation demands more intricate sensor handling or electrical I/O, extension modules can easily be plugged at the side of the fieldbus or embedded PC. Beside being able to communicate seamlessly to other Beckhoff's fieldbus or components, they are also designed to be compatible with other PLC modules that implements Profibus or EtherCAT protocol allowing for potentially very flexible components mix and implementation structures.

Beckhoff Magnet conveyor

Beckhoff New Magnet-Based Conveyor

In recent years, the demand for much more precise and delicate processing has grown significantly in the food and health-related industry. It is often the case though that conventional conveyor system is not vibration-resistant and often becomes an obstacle in implementing a precise processing manufacturing. With it's award-winning technology, Beckhoff Magnet-Based Conveyor solves that problem. The electromagnet pulse along the conveyor can control the movement of the magnetic moving units precisely with the correct timing. The use of electromagnetic movement also minimizes vibrations such that the common problem of imprecise injections or placements can be minimized.

simpler and common parking gate

Simple Payment Parking System

We at MOS implements complex fully automated parking facilities. However, we are fully aware that some of you might just need a ready-to-go and cost-effective simple payment parking system and gate. MOS's simple payment parking system offers the industry standard solution for making a secure and highly customizable simple payment parking system. With our expertise in other field of automation, we can offer potentially more automation improvements for the payment parking system and gate than others.

Rofin industrial grade printer

Rofin Industrial Printer

Industrial Printer needs to be very robust and fulfil important sets of characteristics. PLC compatibility, speed, and cost-efficiency are some of those. Our Rofin Industrial Printers line satisfies all of those criteria. Our experience of setting up an automation system can testify that it is just as good as some of the more pricier printer such as Domino. In fact, some of our customer who originally employed Domino printers sometime opt for Rofin as they offers German-grade quality at a lower price point.

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Automated Sorting System

With our newest line of Logistic Automation System, MOS now offers various type of Automatic Sorting System, such as this two way sorter from Dematic. Compared to other linear sorting mechanism, this device provides greater flexibility in terms of implementation as it allows automatic decision-making on which way a certain item or pallete must go depending on its weights, visual, or other sensors input.


Utilizing Fieldbus, Embedded, and Industrial PC, MOS offers a flexible and complete industrial automation solutions. PLC control system and smart sensors utilization are some of our specialities.


Automatic blinds that close itself as the sun shines brighter or lights that turn itself on when a person enters a room are not science fiction anymore. See our building automation products.


In a building or a factory, water is undeniably important for the workers, tenants, and machines. Our line of automated water treatment system improves the reusability and efficiency of water in a facility.


An increasingly limited parking space requires a smart and efficient utilization of space. Our automated parking system offers just the right solution for that.


Production meets logistics: Automation today stretches right up to the top shelf of a high-bay warehouse. The solutions from MOS enables highest performance, maximum reliability and cost effectiveness.

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