Industry Automation

Often, our wise customers purchased separate machines for each processing step to save costs and limit investments risks. We understand that some of them would eventually want an integrated system such that each machine can be controlled from a centralized computer. We provide industry automation technology and solutions that can do that. All production machines can be integrated into a single system with an industrial grade PC, smart sensors, and advanced PLC program at its core.

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Building Automation

Most building owners have experienced the discomfort of paying too much for electricity because someone forgot to turn off the lights or air conditioners. With our solution, most electrical components in a building, including elevators, lights, and air conditioners can be automated. Air conditioners can be automatically turned off when the room is empty. Meanwhile, the smart window blind closes itself as it detects intense sun rays. Our technology allows your malls, offices, or houses to be both green and smart.

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Waste Treatment

You might have a water treatment facility that does water purification and treatment. We understand that multiple processes are required to purify the water and ensure its quality. Our team of expert automation engineers can give you solutions that automate all of those processes. Beside that, our water and waste treatment automation solution can be implemented in apartments and factories such that waste water can be recycled. As a result, significant water cost can be reduced.

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  • We have a solid and diverse team of certified engineers with years of experience in the automation field. Our Industrial Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Computer Programmers combine their unique skill sets to bring you the best automation solutions.

  • We want our automation solutions to address your business needs. If our solutions can't bring tangible business value to you, we would not suggest it.

  • Great Range of Automation Solutions. MOS has automation solutions for industrial machines, buildings, logistics, and even automated parking system. All of our software, parts, and sensors come from leading international brands such as Beckhoff and Mitsubishi.

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